Digital Natives Academy

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As pioneers of digital technology, knows the value of the tech sector and the need for whānau to be not just users and consumers of technology but to provide them with the skills needed to become creators, developers and producers of technology. To make this happen, we are establishing DNA:Digital Natives Academy, a real life space that will help give our children the tools they need to empower themselves in our digital world.

The Digital Natives Academy seeks to do just this; to guide and support tamariki, rangatahi, pakeke and kaumatua to explore these digital spaces, to give them the tools they need and hopefully inspire them to create, transform, shape and develop their own digital tools.

We will be running a series of after school classes, holiday programmes, workshops, courses and wānanga that help whānau understand the fundamentals of computer programming, in a fun, easy to use and understand way by making use of gaming favourites such as Minecraft.

Our vision is to support digital citizens by providing whānau access to safe online, mobile, immersive, interactive and digital tools that will encourage them to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically in order to prepare them for increased opportunities in the technology sector specifically and the digital future generally.

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