We are TangataWhenua.com, a flaxroots whanau business specialising in interactively beautiful & digitally awesome communication strategies, website & app development, ICT project management.

Our organisational strength lies in taking a flaxroots whānau-focused approach to communications, over the last 12 years have worked both actively on the ground and online and as a result have a clear understanding of how our people kōrero, interact, access and share information.

Powerful Networks


SocialNetworksNot only do we know how to communicate, we have actually constructed a vast online network that allows us to amplify, share and promote key kaupapa that we are involved in. Each year we see hundreds of thousands of viewers visit our website.

Our Social Networks are equally powerful if not more so. These communication streams allow us to connect with Māori around the motu by using a targeted approach (i.e. focusing on Māori in the Health and Whānau Ora spaces) that allows us to measure and evaluate our effectiveness and ensure that the messaging connects with key stakeholders in a meaningful and authentic way.

Key Influencers


Our influence is evidenced in our Klout Score. Klout Influence is the ability to drive action. It is not to be confused with activity.

Being active on social media will not necessarily give you a high Klout Score. Klout’s algorithms determine your social influence based on a series of complex indicators and analyses activity across social networks and ranks them for quality and quantity of influential interactions.

The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score. Users with a score over 63 are in the top 5% of all users.

We currently have a Klout Score of 65.

Harnessing the Power of Digital Māori


Our expertise in IT also means that we understand­ the fluid and changing face of digital comms and how it intersects traditional media, as a result, we know best how to position your kaupapa in this dynamic online space.

Our background in academia and research has allowed us to take an analytic approach to our mahi. We have been able to use these skills to enhance our research capacity while taking a systematic approach to developing both the strategies and tools needed to develop effective communication campaigns.

Digital Projects

Empowering Digital Communities

We can help create your online voice and empower your communications. Whether you need a comms strategy, a website or want to Market 2 Māori. Please get in touch.